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  • Of course people of all ages can een though they studied him.
  • The club later represented Cork in the provincial club series and een reached the final.
  • What have we een for but to look after awr own interests? Cited from Yorksher Puddin', by John Hartley
  • Note that een is the same word as the indefinite article in the written language.
  • Well, I crept close to t' gert stone an' kept my een on her. Cited from More Tales of the Ridings, by Frederic Moorman
  • Arba'een has sometimes been used as a political protest, at least in Iran.
  • Arba'een is also observed 40 days after the death of a family member or loved one.
  • They recorded their first single Nummer een in London.
  • Gold hair and glad grey een, Nae man kens if ye have been. Cited from Poems and Ballads (Third Series), by Algernon Charles Swinburne
  • At the end he says "It's a terrible een".
  • And turn'd me round to hide the flood That in my een was swelling. Cited from Complete Works of Robert Burns, by Robert Burns and Allan Cunningham
  • This then enabled the railway to run trains in the dark for the first time at Hallow'een.
  • Light o' my een, my bonnie young Chief! Cited from Three Boys, by George Manville Fenn
  • Known for his use of extended vocal and cello techniques, Een has recorded eight albums of his compositions and scored several films.
  • Gush X'een ordered some of his men to stand at the base of the cliffs near the mouth of the river.
  • Meeting no resistance, the column reached the second intersection at the Al-Arba'een square.
  • His made his literary debut with the novel Een winterreis in 1961.
  • It declines the same as een and has no distinctions for gender or number.
  • She is also host of the show Een Nieuw Begin.
  • Gush X'een refused and Wiisheyksh threatened to take the land by force if they were not allowed access.
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