educational outreach

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  • The educational series will offer new programs including a new Educational Outreach Program.
  • Other notable performances include those that comprise the center's educational outreach program.
  • He was a public health advocate who participated in educational outreach programs.
  • It is an area of land for educational outreach and research.
  • The zoo also uses live animals in its educational outreach programs.
  • The agency is also known for its wide variety of events that promote diversity and offer educational outreach.
  • Educational outreach extends to the community by providing in-school programming and on-site special programs.
  • The reserve is used for many types of research projects, educational outreach programs, and public recreation.
  • The foundation was focused around the preservation of Spanish dance through community and educational outreach.
  • Their activities may include guest speakers, educational outreach, and content from other scientific societies.
  • In addition to research, Perimeter also provides scientific training and educational outreach activities to the general public.
  • Touring and educational outreach is throughout the year, throughout the country.
  • Collection is used for the educational process and educational outreach.
  • Under their leadership, the festival continues to increase its year-round presence with screenings, special events, and educational outreach.
  • While not a teaching hospital, SVMC offers various educational outreach programs to the community.
  • A mobile museum is a museum educational outreach program that bring the museum to the people rather than vice versa.
  • Moving towards more sustainable farming and fishing methods is also a focus of educational outreach to area communities.
  • The residency included educational outreach programs, as well as a commission for a new composition.
  • Now in its twenty-ninth year, ICT presents a five-play season and runs several educational outreach programs.
  • Since the museum's early years, when art classes were held on the third floor of the house, significant attention has been given to educational outreach.
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