Ed Palermo Big Band

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  • Info The Ed Palermo Big Band is a big band that has been active for over 35 years playing the compositions and arrangements of their leader and namesake Ed Palermo. more...
  • This began a nine-year residency for the Ed Palermo Big Band at the Bottom Line.
  • The turnout to the show was the largest that the Ed Palermo Big Band had had to date.
  • Due to the hassle involved in producing an album under one's own label, the Ed Palermo Big Band did not release another album until a record company showed interest.
  • Soon he began playing with Tito Puente, and during this time Palermo assembled a group which later expanded into the Ed Palermo Big Band.
  • After nine years at the Bottom Line (1994 to 2003) the Ed Palermo Big Band took a break from regular shows for a period of about a year.
  • For these shows the Ed Palermo Big Band played primarily arrangements (done by Ed Palermo) of Frank Zappa songs, however each show was different from the one before it.
  • "Ping Pong" was released under the label of Pro Jazz Records and featured much different material from the Ed Palermo Big Band's first LP.