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  • Since its very first release, DLTK has been used in various open-source and commercial Eclipse-based development projects.
  • A complete re-implemenation was done, again using Java but this time Eclipse-based.
  • The programming tools are multi-platform and can be used from the command line or from an Eclipse-based GUI.
  • This version contains an Eclipse based User Interface development tool and a runtime engine for the target system.
  • This includes the Events Designer, an Eclipse based application for developing applications in Decision Server Events.
  • ProR is designed for integration with other Eclipse-based tools.
  • This includes the Rules Designer, an Eclipse based application for developing applications in Decision Server Rules.
  • This is an Eclipse-based development environment which allows developers to create form templates and process designs that can be integrated with a variety of data sources and existing applications.
  • RPT is an Eclipse based performance test tool.
  • DDQB uses a set of Eclipse-based customization tooling and can be deployed as a set of Web Services.
  • Also, PSL is supported by a modern Eclipse-based development environment, with integrated schema and code management and numerous interactive plug-ins.
  • In 2012, the company introduced ARM-based mixed-signal MCUs with very low power and USB options, supported by free Eclipse-based tools.
  • On 15 September 2011, astronomers announced the first partial-eclipse-based discovery of a circumbinary planet.
  • EATOP is an upcoming initiative to make an Eclipse-based implementation of the EAST-ADL meta-model.
  • This is an Eclipse based scripting platform that provides a graphical user interface and the possibility to extend scripts by using Java code.
  • Among the alternative front ends is the Wolfram Workbench, an Eclipse based IDE, introduced in 2006.
  • Native applications are developed in C++ with the Bada SDK, and the Eclipse based integrated development environment (IDE).
  • IBM Lotus Expeditor is a framework for developing Eclipse-based applications.
  • Both the ADT and PDT are basic installers that include Carbide.c++, several Eclipse-based plug-ins and several stand-alone tools.
  • As RSM is Eclipse-based, it can use third-party plugins for Eclipse, and plugins specifically for Rational tools.
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