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  • His career at university was broad almost to the point of being eccentric.
  • People who are new to the area find him rather eccentric for talking to his engine.
  • He soon established a reputation as a player of eccentric character parts.
  • The Irish language movement, initially seen as eccentric, gained a mass following throughout the island.
  • He soon became known for his innovative production techniques as well as his eccentric character.
  • His occupied by eccentrics, people who are not looked upon as normal.
  • Upon the other hand, he sometimes happened on eccentrics who rejoiced his heart. Cited from Oriental Encounters, by Marmaduke Pickthall
  • This is often followed by them becoming eccentric or at least somewhat odd.
  • Since then, he has played straight man to the antics of his eccentric wife.
  • As he grew older, he became a noted eccentric figure in his home town of Montreal.
  • Your engine may however act very queer some time, and you may find the eccentrics in their proper place. Cited from Rough and Tumble Engineering, by James H. Maggard
  • He has admired all the most admirable modern eccentrics until they could stand it no longer. Cited from Heretics, by G. K. Chesterton
  • A better solution was to use fixed eccentrics, but to provide two of them, one for each direction.
  • He has an eccentric view of life, brought about by a lack of education and an intelligent brain.
  • He played a role as an eccentric record producer in Four Kings.
  • Shortly after, a rich and eccentric uncle who hated his grandfather also passes away.
  • He was known as a patron of science as well as a great eccentric.
  • Tom's piano-playing behavior, both during practice and performance, was eccentric.
  • His character is portrayed as somewhat more sexually active and eccentric than before.
  • If an eccentric lifestyle makes someone happy, then it's all right with them.
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Meaning of eccentric

  • noun A person with an unusual or odd personality
  • adjective Not having a common center; not concentric
    eccentric circles