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  • Info Ebb is the movement of a tide back toward the sea.
  • He never would remain in the library after the day began to ebb. Cited from Alec Forbes of Howglen, by George MacDonald
  • The country's interest in its own history was at a low ebb.
  • These were his last words, for his life was ebbing fast away. Cited from True Blue, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • I might still shoot, they tell me, but my strength has ebbed away. Cited from The Vanished Messenger by E. Phillips Oppenheim #4
  • He himself began to wonder, for he had long felt his life as if ebbing away. Cited from How to Get on in the World, by Major A.R. Calhoon
  • All he could do was to watch and wait while the life slowly ebbed away. Cited from The King's Arrow, by H. A. Cody
  • My strength was fast ebbing; in a few minutes it would be too late. Cited from The Home of the Blizzard, by Sir Douglas Mawson
  • But as it ebbed back, it caught him, and carried him again into the deep. Cited from The Story Of The Odyssey, by Alfred J. Church
  • All knew, and none better than himself, that life was slowly ebbing. Cited from Without a Home, by E. P. Roe
  • Life and strength, hope and love, seemed to have ebbed from her at once. Cited from Olive, by Dinah Maria Craik (AKA Dinah Maria Mulock)
  • All that night they watched his little life fast ebbing away. Cited from Words of Cheer, by T.S. Arthur
  • His life was ebbing fast away, and now he was too weak to go on. Cited from The Junior Classics, V4, Ed. by Willam Patten
  • Most probably, as they all felt, he could not speak, for his strength was fast ebbing. Cited from Mary Barton, by Elizabeth Gaskell
  • Not until his last chance had almost ebbed did he get himself sufficiently in hand to speak. Cited from The Second Generation, by David Graham Phillips
  • They had been lying there for hours, their lives slowly ebbing away. Cited from From Aldershot to Pretoria, by W. E. Sellers
  • If the flood ran up thus strong, what might be the effects of the ebb? Cited from Paul Gerrard, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • She drew a deep breath, and the colour ebbed back into her face. Cited from Uncle Max, by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  • Slowly the colour ebbed from her face, leaving her white to the lips. Cited from Old Rose and Silver, by Myrtle Reed
  • It would seem that his strength was here at its very lowest ebb. Cited from Last Journals of David Livingstone, II (of 2), by David Livingstone
  • The blood rushed to her face when she caught his figure, and as quickly ebbed away. Cited from Ensign Knightley and Other Stories, by A. E. W. Mason
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Meaning of ebb

  • noun A gradual decline (in size or strength or power or number)
  • noun The outward flow of the tide
  • verb Flow back or recede
    the tides ebbed at noon
  • verb Hem in fish with stakes and nets so as to prevent them from going back into the sea with the ebb
  • verb Fall away or decline
    The patient's strength ebbed away