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  • The reason is that the other players quite easy can "read" the hand.
  • It's so easy, even a child can use it; and they do.
  • There is one answer which is a little too easy and quick.
  • They always appear in areas that are easy to access.
  • Older people are thought to be less easy to change.
  • Before the industrial era, travel by water was often easier than over land.
  • It was not an easy day; he was so young.
  • It only becomes easy if either N or P becomes very small.
  • The site was not an easy one; it was a corner site and the space was limited.
  • Getting the work on stage was still not easy.
  • On the other hand, not all women who participated in this sort business had it that easy.
  • But the TV show came about and made my decision a lot easier.
  • The five unit code was designed to be easy to remember.
  • In this way, it was easier to keep control of a large empire.
  • It is not an easy course and provides a good test of golf.
  • He called for a new style of official writing, friendly in tone and easy to understand.
  • It is easy to spread but hard to control.
  • Late in the game, it's easy to see what the "best" move is.
  • Many media production tools that were once only available to a few are now free and easy to use.
  • These first forms of sound production are the easiest for children to use.
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Meaning of easy

  • adjective Posing no difficulty; requiring little effort
    an easy job, an easy problem, an easy victory, the house is easy to heat, satisfied with easy answers, took the easy way out of his dilemma
  • adjective Free from worry or anxiety
    knowing that I had done my best, my mind was easy, an easy good-natured manner, by the time the chsild faced the actual problem of reading she was familiar and at ease with all the elements words
  • adverb In a relaxed manner; or without hardship
    just wanted to take it easy" (`soft' is nonstandard)