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  • In the easterly part of town developed the only village, where some trade was conducted.
  • They shall take the first step in the north easterly direction.
  • It thus became the division with the most easterly located teams.
  • The ship left within a few days on the easterly wind.
  • Although classified as north-south, it actually runs mostly in a north-easterly direction.
  • What made me think of it was that we do have the same number as the Easterlys. Cited from The Last of the Peterkins, by Lucretia P. Hale
  • Unlike the other little streets, it runs one-way in the easterly direction, not the west.
  • There was a sharp turn immediately beyond the bridge, and it continued in a north-easterly direction.
  • Development around the route gets more dense as the route continues easterly through the town.
  • From here, the road ran in an easterly direction towards Round Mountain.
  • The wind moves it in a north-easterly direction up to a year.
  • However, they too can see lake-effect snow during easterly or north-easterly winds.
  • If the lines are further west, the longitude value of any given point becomes more easterly.
  • The work created a much larger harbour providing protection from south-easterly winds.
  • It took off in an easterly direction, then turned to the north to avoid flying directly over Paris.
  • Swedish fleet formed into line and tried to close in the distance using north-easterly heading.
  • A strong north-easterly wind and dark clouds blew the aircraft off course and forced them ever lower.
  • It runs for and maintains a south-easterly direction for most of its course.
  • The route turns again a quarter-mile from the AT to follow a more easterly course.
  • It saw various boundary changes, largely stretching further south and losing its more easterly parts.
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Meaning of easterly

  • adverb From the east
    the winds blew easterly all night