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  • Its ease of play makes it popular among children and the youth.
  • For many war children, the situation would ease only decades after the war.
  • He was at ease with the idea of death and was ready to die.
  • The traffic of those streets follow right-hand side to ease the traffic.
  • They were made popular because of the ease of their production and exhibition.
  • This allowed the instrument to play in any key with near-equal ease.
  • Otherwise, moving into different positions is usually done for ease of playing.
  • The size of these countries makes it possible to travel throughout them quickly and with relative ease.
  • While his health was poor he eased his mind by reading and prepared for the end.
  • We are easing them along because we want the top men in our net. Cited from The Drums Of Jeopardy, by Harold MacGrath
  • Easing yourself a little higher, you look forth on the world once more. Cited from Idolatry, by Julian Hawthorne
  • The king asked his daughter what were the three misfortunes that the marriage should ease.
  • His schedule was light at first as they eased his character into the series.
  • When the King was laid in the chapel he thought himself well eased. Cited from Stories of King Arthur and His Knights, by U. Waldo Cutler
  • Eventually she eased into the industry by only playing bit parts in non-sexual roles.
  • For example, meeting in a social type situation such as a restaurant may place the source at ease.
  • However, China came within one point before Britain eased away to win their first match.
  • These products were popular with business customers because of their screen design feature and other ease-of-use features.
  • It is, however, used for quality control, because of the ease of testing.
  • Despite press restrictions easing under the new queen the subject was still difficult.
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Meaning of ease

  • noun Freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort
    he rose through the ranks with apparent ease, they put it into containers for ease of transportation, the very easiness of the deed held her back
  • noun A freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state
    a life of luxury and ease, he had all the material comforts of this world
  • noun Freedom from constraint or embarrassment
    I am never at ease with strangers
  • verb Move gently or carefully
    He eased himself into the chair