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  • People believe that even in the earthly court, spirits need to use money.
  • This event would take place after the thousand years of Christ's earthly kingdom.
  • He talked to the Lord as he would speak to his earthly father.
  • It seemed that the loss of all earthly friends could have been no comparison.
  • Each of the four earthly elements has its natural place.
  • The Church will continue through all earthly trials to the end of time.
  • The living-dead then return to the earthly world from time to time to offer spiritual advice.
  • However each angel will enter a service according to the use that they had performed in their earthly life.
  • Live by the words of the Master, and continue performing your earthly duties.
  • Though all life is considered sacred, human life is deemed the highest form of earthly existence.
  • No earthly inducement could be held forth to the women who entered this order.
  • At least four of these themes go back to the earthly Jesus himself.
  • Figure with red face is general's earthly countenance and one with yellow face, his spirit.
  • In life he was an earthly king; after death he is now a heavenly saint.
  • All earthly matters were perceived as a means to a final goal - Heaven.
  • No earthly or celestial weapon can kill them if they are allowed to hold onto one another.
  • The tiger represents the greatest earthly power, as well as protection over human life.
  • If perfect earthly sight were offered me tomorrow I would not accept it.
  • After saying this, Frank is finally allowed to leave the earthly plane.
  • The spirits reply that this is his earthly mission: he must bring the light to his generation.
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Meaning of earthly

  • adjective Of or belonging to or characteristic of this earth as distinguished from heaven
    earthly beings, believed that our earthly life is all that matters, earthly love, our earthly home