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  • Earnest was the reason we were still in the game at that point.
  • His career as a professional author now began in earnest, although he taught for another year.
  • Work on the interior did not really begin in earnest until after the war.
  • Then he moved to London and started his literary career in earnest.
  • Whether or not the work was meant as an earnest plan of action is unknown.
  • That same year, his father died and he turned to physics in earnest.
  • The D class never really got off the ground in earnest.
  • However, in most parts of the country, it does not begin in earnest until the second day.
  • You are too earnest and eager about a work never intended to be serious.
  • Eventually, a critical point is reached and the battle begins in earnest.
  • Fiction writing in English did not start in earnest until after independence.
  • Settlement did not begin in earnest until the following spring when several new families moved into the township.
  • Poor grades eventually ended his studies, at which point his career in theatre began in earnest.
  • It was gradually built up until offensive operations could begin in earnest.
  • As their lives begin to settle down again, they start making plans in earnest to become parents.
  • Back in Sydney they continued to work in earnest on the album.
  • Whilst serving out his final army days in Northern Ireland, his football career began in earnest.
  • Once the guns were in effective range, the artillery opened fire in earnest.
  • A few weeks later, recording of the album proper began in earnest, with all of the band members present.
  • Yet the Pope was in earnest when he took up the problem of reform.
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Meaning of earnest

  • noun Something of value given by one person to another to bind a contract