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  • A scored run due to a passed ball is not recorded as an earned run.
  • There he earned all conference in football his junior and senior year.
  • He earned the respect of both his own troops and his enemies.
  • The situation changes on the professional level, where women earn more than men.
  • He earned first-team all-league honors his senior year as a running back.
  • A good start earned them four wins in the first seven weeks of the season.
  • Despite not having competed for several years he earned a silver medal.
  • Some of them before leaving were taught to earn their own living.
  • He earned first-team all-conference honors in both his junior and senior years.
  • He earned his first money as an actor that summer.
  • He earned first team all-league honors for the second-straight season.
  • Then the story is about how he changes himself and earns her love back.
  • On top of this he also played baseball with which he earned second team all-area and all-league.
  • He earned first-team all-state honors in football as a senior.
  • He earned first-team all-state honors in football as a senior.
  • The winner would thereby win six times what most workers earned in a year.
  • Guests earn points every time they stay with any hotel in the club.
  • In some cases the money they earned would go towards tanks for the Army.
  • However, a scored run due to a wild pitch is recorded as an earned run.
  • Within a few years, his teacher sent him out to earn his living at painting.
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Meaning of earn

  • verb Acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions