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  • Info Extremely Annotational RDF Markup (EARMARK) is a meta-syntax for overlapping markup that can be used for stand-off annotations of textual content with fully W3C-compliant technologies.
  • Some years ago a number of public buildings were earmarked for hospital use in case of war. Cited from Observations of an Orderly, by Ward Muir
  • Every one of his pictures has the earmarks of having been carefully studied. Cited from The Galleries of the Exposition, Eugen Neuhaus
  • All of the available and guns had already been earmarked for other, more powerful ships.
  • The least earmark would have turned the scale, but he could not find it. Cited from The House Behind The Cedars, Charles W. Chesnutt
  • Prior to that he had sought earmarks less often than other representatives.
  • Now very briefly as to the earmarks of each particular member of this children's group. Cited from Preventable Diseases, by Woods Hutchinson
  • This sum was earmarked for five years, but they made use of it under two years.
  • The new land was located near the site earmarked earlier.
  • Sunfish has all the earmarks of speed if you know how to look for them. Cited from Cow-Country, by B. M. Bower
  • These minor obligations do not earmark more than an hour in the day. Cited from A Modern Utopia, by H. G. Wells
  • She also published earmark requests she received and her personal financial statement.
  • He is one of only a few Blue Dog members that don't seek earmarks.
  • This site was near the area earmarked for the Indian community.
  • Both the rugby and football club were earmarked to use the facility.
  • It had been earmarked by commercial stations who were "already calling it a hit".
  • This song was probably earmarked as the single from early on.
  • This force was earmarked as a cavalry reserve for use in battle as required.
  • Funding has already been earmarked but the precise details of when and what are still being decided.
  • Fighter units earmarked for specific defensive tasks would remain under local air-defence command.
  • A further site has been earmarked for the development of a Catholic 'through train' School.
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  • noun Identification mark on the ear of a domestic animal