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  • He appeared to me most eager to learn about the Western political situation.
  • In school there are some clubs and students are eager to do various activities.
  • During that time, Queen were writing new material and eager to record it.
  • She also accepted the boys who showed up eager to learn.
  • But if he was eager in his own defence he was no less so in that of others.
  • But his eager spirit would not allow him to rest.
  • Soon after she enters his her room, apparently eager to have sex with him.
  • Both families were then eager to ensure the economic safety of the young couple.
  • Her study of languages, literature, science and history was broad and she was an eager student.
  • A network of former staff and supporters around the nation were eager for him to run again.
  • They learned how to ride horses when they were young and were eager to prove themselves in battle.
  • With that completed, he was eager to assist the war effort again.
  • Eager to be back with the Lord, they choose the latter one.
  • I am as eager as anyone to see more attention paid to women of historical significance.
  • Railroad interests were especially eager to start operations since they needed farmers as customers.
  • All of the members came from different musical backgrounds and were eager to put some good music together.
  • French politicians were also eager to start a second front as far away from France as possible.
  • Many communities were eager for the chance to build public institutions.
  • You're eager to make a move but can't.
  • They have a great desire to please their owners, thus making them eager to learn and train.
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Meaning of eager

  • adjective Having or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy
    eager to learn, eager to travel abroad, eager for success, eager helpers, an eager look