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  • His main field of research is the theory of dynamical systems.
  • This is a property of the dynamical law and does not require any special initial condition.
  • Many systems in nature reach steady-states and dynamical systems theory is used to describe such systems.
  • In such cases, dynamical systems theory may be used for analysis.
  • His main scientific interest during these years was in ergodic theory and dynamical systems.
  • Dynamical systems are defined over a single independent variable, usually thought of as time.
  • She has since continued to work in dynamical systems.
  • The main tool used to achieve her results is the so-called dynamical analysis.
  • The first of these groups of properties may be called dynamical; the others, chemical. Cited from Outlines of the Earth's History, by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
  • Large toneholes allow for a free response and a very large dynamical range.
  • Limit sets are important because they can be used to understand the long term behavior of a dynamical system.
  • Many real dynamical systems do not exactly fit this model.
  • Planetary theory and other particular dynamical problems likewise occupied his attention from time to time.
  • The learning system models the agent's environment as a dynamical system.
  • However, the system can also describe dynamical processes of non-chemical nature.
  • He was one of the leading experts on the theory of dynamical systems.
  • For example, he constructed an example of a dynamical system with a simple spectrum.
  • Also dynamical systems theory is heavily involved in the relatively recent field of combinatorics on words.
  • It has been noted that because such phenomena may also be the result of other dynamical mechanisms.
  • They are also used to create Dynamical simulations without having to know anything about physics.
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