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  • Their time spent together dwindles until weeks goes by without seeing each other.
  • Three months of fighting dwindled their numbers to around two-hundred and fifty.
  • Now that help was at hand his strength seemed to dwindle to nothing. Cited from The Brown Mask, by Percy J. Brebner
  • After being passed over as the county's seat, its population slowly dwindled.
  • However, the population has since dwindled to a population of a few hundred.
  • Player population has dwindled in the years since, leaving only a few die-hard fans.
  • The fire did not immediately die out, but it soon began to dwindle. Cited from Gunsight Pass, by William MacLeod Raine
  • Or, when they who composed it then were gone, would it dwindle and die out? Cited from Commemorative Services, by Diocese Of Connecticut
  • At this point the path seemed to dwindle down to little or nothing. Cited from The Rover Boys in Camp, by Arthur M. Winfield
  • It is well that it is so, or the race would dwindle away before our very eyes. Cited from A Lecture on Physical Development, by S.R. Calthrop
  • It quickly became the largest school in the state, but dwindled to nearly nothing after the civil war.
  • At times the school would dwindle away, and I would start out. Cited from The Souls of Black Folk, by W. E. B. Du Bois
  • Even with such great efforts coal mining continued to dwindle within the community.
  • And if the pressure be strong, as it sometimes is, must they not dwindle away? Cited from The Young Mother, by William A. Alcott
  • His love for his wife of many years has dwindled.
  • They are still in commercial use, but at a greatly reduced and ever-dwindling level.
  • Campus numbers have dwindled since the university reduced the range of courses available.
  • The project was abandoned for lack of both audience support and a dwindling capital base.
  • However, in more recent times the town's population has dwindled.
  • Across the northern Atlantic, the number of weather ships dwindled over the years.
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Meaning of dwindle

  • verb Become smaller or lose substance
    Her savings dwindled down