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  • In their place is the Seven Dwarfelles who have received a power based on nature to help out their boss Mother Nature.
  • Mother Nature states that the Dwarfelles have proven themselves, and are allowed to attend Snow White's wedding.
  • The Dwarfelles sneak into the castle as well.
  • The film replaces the Dwarfs with their female cousins, called the Dwarfelles.
  • The Dwarfelles helped Snow White on her quest to rescue the Prince from the Queen's sorcerer brother Lord Maliss.
  • The Dwarfs have left the cottage, but the Dwarfelles are happy to help Snow White, taking her to visit Mother Nature at Rainbow Falls.
  • Mother Nature has given the Dwarfelles individual powers to help her; she holds Thunderella accountable for not mastering her powers, and accuses the other Dwarfelles of misusing their powers.
  • When the Dwarfelles enter Lord Maliss' castle and wonder where Lord Maliss has taken Snow White, the Looking Glass states that "beneath the Queen lies a secret door."
  • Snow White and the Dwarfelles travel to Lord Maliss' castle in the Realm of Doom, along the way encountering a strange cloaked humanoid they call the "Shadow Man".