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  • The complete duration of the event is around two and a half hours.
  • The duration of these courses usually range from six months to two years.
  • The band has retained the same five members throughout the whole duration of their existence.
  • Where n is the number of times an event occurred and t is the duration.
  • In any case, the peace turned out to be of short duration.
  • None of the active soldiers were armed during the duration of the mission.
  • His other hand must remain free for the duration of the ride.
  • Their duration may be between six weeks and six months.
  • A complete time-system is formed by any one family of parallel durations. Cited from The Concept of Nature, by Alfred North Whitehead
  • He was subject to German control for the duration of the war.
  • The size and duration of these settlements have therefore not been well-established.
  • The film is broadcast both as a stand-alone film and in two parts with various durations.
  • The study was not secret since reports and data sets were published to the medical community throughout its duration.
  • After they are fed they may stand still on the shore for long durations.
  • Note: Most of these program are in hard news format, but in longer duration.
  • They are like track racing cars - intended only for use in races for limited durations.
  • Another study of sleep duration and mortality risk in women showed similar results.
  • The time duration of the contract may be for one year or other duration.
  • Dry spells of one or two weeks duration are common during the growing seasons.
  • The businesses involved also usually have some sort of sale going on during it's duration.
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Meaning of duration

  • noun The period of time during which something continues
  • noun The property of enduring or continuing in time
  • noun Continuance in time
    the ceremony was of short duration, he complained about the length of time required