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  • He spent most of his life as a junior member of the ducal family.
  • He constructed the ducal palace and opened the first public library in the city.
  • The next year he became ducal secretary, with the powers of a prime minister.
  • The ducal family is living here but the castle is also open for visitors.
  • Other grand ducal families either existed before this system developed or were controlled by different rules.
  • These had always been small in relation to their ducal rank and the size of their house.
  • Very often a single inheritance includes a whole list of ducal and other titles.
  • A castle was built on this site, and expanded to become a ducal palace.
  • It was at the Ducal Palace that she died giving birth to her second son.
  • The entire southern wing of the southern palace was used for the Ducal Hall.
  • She bore him five children, but died before he was elevated to ducal rank.
  • They locked him in his ducal palace and set it on fire.
  • Whether or not they then actually lost their ducal titles too has never been formally or legally determined.
  • He achieved little improvement in the state of affairs within the ducal household, however.
  • He was first associated with his father in 1136, when he first carried the ducal title.
  • When he returned, which he did with alacrity under those conditions, he was well received by the ducal family.
  • Bach moved with his family into an apartment very close to the ducal palace.
  • He followed his father in trying to preserve his de facto independence from ducal authority and foreign influence.
  • If she was the oldest child of the Ducal couple, she could have born at the end of that year.
  • The title of duke was of relatively new origin in England; only one other ducal title existed previously.
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Meaning of ducal

  • adjective Of or belonging to or suitable for a duke
    ducal palace