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  • I think that right up until the end they were very dubious about it.
  • The move can lead to more open positions than the other lines, but is often considered dubious.
  • Founded upon poor remains, it is today regarded as a dubious name.
  • This earned him the dubious distinction of having lost two titles he never won.
  • He also ended his career with a rather dubious record.
  • One article also claimed that a water pipe caught fire, though this report seems dubious.
  • However he holds a dubious record which can never be broken.
  • They eventually claimed membership of one million, though the claim is dubious.
  • The type specimen has also been lost, so the status of this class is considered dubious.
  • On his way south to face dubious justice at the Tower of London, he fell ill.
  • He pitches his business plan to a bank president, who is dubious about the claim.
  • Money of dubious origin soon infected many institutions and public and private companies.
  • He has the dubious distinction of being the only person of high rank killed on the Government side.
  • There is dubious evidence that the head could remain conscious for up to ten seconds.
  • No Doubt were dubious about recording a cover and contemplated writing new material.
  • The natural values in the area also makes a bridge dubious.
  • On the way, they hear about the dubious reputation of their new landlord.
  • Further, the dubious election results drew sharp reactions from both local quarters and foreign countries.
  • So the existence of moral knowledge and moral facts remains dubious and in need of further investigation.
  • When he calls the number, he finds himself rendezvousing with strange characters of dubious existence.
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