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  • For example, any union of open sets is open, so dually, any intersection of closed sets is closed.
  • The term is dually applied to the Holy Spirit which inspired her writings.
  • These actions were dually audacious, especially the use of her family name and crest on her products.
  • Dually, a similar idea can be applied to maps This is an instance of a universal property.
  • The concert was dually released as a DVD as well as an audio album.
  • He was dually motivated by the prospect of financial security, and the role itself.
  • Dually, one can view processes occurring in nature as information processing.
  • For instance, how do people process identities that are dually marginalized (black women)?
  • Abstract words are difficult to image and hence are least likely to be dually coded.
  • Students also have the option of being dually-enrolled, or, remaining students at their home high schools while attending the Academy.
  • One of these causes is that with more women taking up full-time jobs, a dually employed household with children places a heavy burden on parents.
  • They function dually as public records and personal certificates.
  • She was not quite pleased and not altogether offended at his addressing them dually. Cited from The Marquis of Lossie, by George MacDonald
  • Dually, if a variable can be false, it must be false.
  • Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jonny was dually influenced by music and foreign languages.
  • In Japan, the song was released dually with "Never Say Never" as a double A-side single.
  • Dually, a partially ordered set in which all pairs have a meet is meet-semilattice.
  • These two liquidity measures dually prevented additional failures of major market participants.
  • Dually, a meet-semilattice is bounded if it has a greatest element, the meet of the empty set.
  • Dually, a complete quadrilateral is a system of four lines, no three of which pass through the same point, and the six points of intersection of these lines.
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