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  • Factory bodies included a 2- or 4-door phaeton, the latter available as a dual-cowl model.
  • Almost uniquely for a postwar car, they were dual-cowl phaetons, with separate front and rear passenger compartments, each with its own windshield.
  • A popular style of phaeton was the dual cowl phaeton, with a cowl separating the rear passengers from the driver and front passenger.
  • These were dual-cowl phaetons custom-built on stretched Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine chassis.
  • The dual cowl has expressive flowing lines, finely drawn details in the egg-crate grille, and a retractable rear compartment windshield.
  • By 1926, the Big Six could be bought in a variety of specialty body styles including a dual-cowl Phaeton and a Berline (sedan).
  • The first and -- at the time of the New York presentation -- only example made of the series, the J-101, was a LeBaron sweep panel dual cowl phaeton, finished in silver and black.
  • The imposing dual cowl four-door hard-top convertible was inspired by Chrysler's dual cowl 1940 Newport parade car, a vehicle used primarily for transporting dignitaries and members of elite families during that time period.
  • It was a dual-cowl phaeton that used the "Chrysler Spitfire" L-head straight-8 engine with dual carburetors coupled to a three-speed manual transmission.
  • The first and -- at the time of the New York presentation -- only example made of the series, the J-101, was a sweep-panel, dual-cowl phaeton, with coachwork by LeBaron, finished in silver and black.
  • The Kruses were the first to sell a car for a documented $1 million in cash -- a 1934 Duesenberg Model SJ La Grande long wheelbase dual-cowl phaeton.
  • In 2011, the Best of Show award was given to an exquisite 1932 Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton; only 32 SJ models were ever made worldwide and this particular vehicle was the personal car of manufacturer Fred Duesenberg.
  • One of the unique offerings were a set of 1932 Graham diecast cars - Tootsietoy offered a Graham sedan, town car, coupe, roadster, dual cowl convertible, delivery panel truck and tow truck (Seeley No Date a).