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  • Four days later drunken German soldiers shot at each other; unknown number died.
  • He has a drunken wife who no longer lives with him but who appears from time to time.
  • The symposium comes to an end when a large drunken group shows up.
  • Soon after, the police mysteriously appear and break up the drunken free-for-all.
  • It appears that his father more than once killed a girlfriend during a drunken rage.
  • Drunken students took to the streets of the small town.
  • Most, even the most unusual parts of the body, are actively used in drunken style.
  • In another instance, the son hit his wife in a drunken rage.
  • The main weapon is the drunken sword, but other weapons such as the staff are also used.
  • His first marriage followed a drunken college prank, and the couple has now been separated for many years.
  • Drunken Angel is often considered the director's first major work.
  • However some countries are more associated with drunken hooliganism as mentioned in the violence section below.
  • He grew up on the City's docks with drunken parents as an only child.
  • Some time later, he meets the drunken Millionaire who has just returned from Europe.
  • He finally smashes the machines he has created, and falls into drunken self-destruction.
  • Before he got to the house of Laban, he found a drunken man passed out in the street.
  • Just then, they both hear a drunken Slam beating on a video game.
  • Police reports say they separated because of her drunken habits.
  • The great debate has always been whether or not it was a suicide attempt or merely a drunken accident.
  • She has been single ever since although there has been a couple of drunken one-night stands which she is deeply ashamed of.
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