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  • She has no one left to live for and then drowns herself again.
  • So she released the seven of them from this life by drowning them all.
  • The man who had taken her out in the boat also drowned.
  • The bodies were found about one hour later, drowned in about four feet of water.
  • To practice he went out in a boat but fell into the water and was drowned.
  • A deep channel ran through the center of the bay, following the ancient drowned river valley.
  • After five days, she and her father were both found dead in the river from drowning.
  • From then, one person would drown in the river nearly every year.
  • If one can do this, that they will never die from drowning.
  • The water current is very fast, and a person can drown in minutes.
  • He then orders the women to get the other man, whom they drown in the lake.
  • There is also water, which the character can drown in if too much time is spent.
  • Some of the characters are able to walk on water, while others drown.
  • With no way out, they were killed in large numbers, many of them by drowning.
  • But in the novel he is forced from office, not drowned at sea.
  • It is a drowned river valley that remains open to the sea.
  • If not for his road crew, he also would have drowned.
  • However, they can only remain under water for a limited amount of time, as they will drown.
  • He successfully made it across, but nearly drowned on the way back.
  • They caused considerable damage to five ships, but eight of the men were shot or drowned.
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Meaning of drown

  • verb Get rid of as if by submerging
    She drowned her trouble in alcohol
  • verb Die from being submerged in water, getting water into the lungs, and asphyxiating
    The child drowned in the lake
  • verb Kill by submerging in water
    He drowned the kittens