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  • I simply had too much to drink and made a very bad decision.
  • Should a player score or be sent off, a drink must be taken.
  • This game allows people to do nothing but watch television and drink with purpose.
  • He never drank when we were married but now he got out of his face.
  • You paid for a drink and got as much as you wanted to eat.
  • They share a drink and look out of the window in silence.
  • He went to the bar to get a drink while the others went to their various rooms.
  • This water and water from the river are not safe to drink.
  • They drank from the well and carried some home for those unable to visit.
  • His mother drank herself to death after his father left her.
  • If he never drank and did his job, he would never have lost the farm.
  • Another version requires a drink for every touch a player takes of the ball.
  • He went to pieces on his second or third drink.
  • If his blood pressure was too high, it was because he drank too much he said.
  • A horse will eat of food per day and, under normal use, drink of water.
  • "Each day he comes late in the day to, to drink from the lake."
  • They eat about per day and drink about per day.
  • She invited him to join her for a drink; he accepted and the two became friends.
  • He sought to drink their blood, killing many to do so.
  • The two eventually agreed that the host should drink first.
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Meaning of drink

  • noun A single serving of a beverage
    I asked for a hot drink, likes a drink before dinner
  • noun The act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess
    drink was his downfall
  • noun Any large deep body of water
    he jumped into the drink and had to be rescued
  • verb Take in liquids
    The patient must drink several liters each day, The children like to drink soda
  • verb Consume alcohol
    We were up drinking all night
  • verb Drink excessive amounts of alcohol; be an alcoholic
    The husband drinks and beats his wife