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  • Some drawbar settings have become well known and associated with certain musicians.
  • Two or more passenger cars or freight cars may be attached by means of a drawbar.
  • The drawbar connection between the locomotive and tender was also strengthened at the same time.
  • The drawbar weighed about 80 pounds and its free and played up and down.
  • More often than not, keyboard player's left hands would be in use mainly for changing drawbar sounds or settings rather than playing.
  • As a drawbar is incrementally pulled out, it increases the volume of its sound.
  • Drawbar force measurement has been made much more important in recent years with the introduction of radically higher RPM machines.
  • There was originally a drawbar running into holes.
  • The cross catch bars adjust themselves to the direction of the line of pull in the drawbar. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 601, July 9, 1887, by Various
  • These latter turn horizontally on a central pivot attached to the jaw end of the drawbar. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 601, July 9, 1887, by Various
  • The hall was entered from the outside and was protected by a portcullis and a drawbar.
  • Trailer hitches come in two main configurations: receiver type and fixed-drawbar type.
  • This design required that the drawbar passed beneath the firebox, and it typically heated to a cherry red color.
  • Drawbar hookup is also still commonly used worldwide.
  • Modern non-compound locomotives are typically able to produce about 40 drawbar horsepower per square foot of grate.
  • Instead it had an iron drawbar fastened underneath the car by a pin and projecting about a foot beyond the car.
  • A drawbar force gauge is a gauge designed to measure forces on a machine tool's drawbar.
  • Each individual tool must be fitted with a male taper and the proper adapter for the drawbar.
  • They are installed with special hydraulic drawbar machinery, using special pull plugs.
  • Drawbar pull is the difference between tractive effort available and tractive effort required to overcome resistance at a specified speed.
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Meaning of drawbar

  • noun A strong metal bar bearing a hook to attach something to be pulled