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  • Info Drawback, in law in commerce, paying back a duty previously paid on exporting excisable articles or on re-exporting foreign goods. more...
  • He has said the only real drawback to being small was the associated health problems.
  • The main drawback of this type of aircraft was its lack of speed.
  • However, the main drawback is that the middle of the field is left open.
  • One drawback was they did not have an effective fire-control system.
  • This is a drawback since many medical devices are made of more than one material.
  • These simple bus systems had a serious drawback when used for general-purpose computers.
  • The only drawback is that if you win the Gold Cup you can't keep it!
  • One drawback of this method is that there is a need for too much memory when the group becomes large.
  • A drawback to this property was the volume of public traffic passing over the run.
  • There is a drawback, though, in that the home team has a big advantage in going second.
  • The primary drawback is that individuals receive a valuable right at no cost.
  • The main drawback with the club's service is that the small aircraft can only take two passengers.
  • The one great drawback, however, was that they had no money.
  • The drawback of this is that users run out of screen space after a few words.
  • However, the failure of moving parts in these systems is usually the critical issue and the main drawback.
  • There was only one drawback: his wife was really not well. Cited from On the Stairs, by Henry B. Fuller
  • I do not know what they could have to do with "Drawback"?!
  • Yet another more practical drawback is the conservative nature of the law.
  • Such a performance has one drawback: it must be seen and listened to in person.
  • But there is no situation, under any of the powers that be, that has not some drawback. Cited from The Poacher, by Frederick Marryat
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Meaning of drawback

  • noun The quality of being a hindrance
    he pointed out all the drawbacks to my plan