draw their

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  • There are men here who can draw their note for any amount. Cited from Punchinello, Vol. I, No. 24, September 10, 1870, by Various
  • If they are there, we don't want to draw their attack now. Cited from In Search of the Okapi, by Ernest Glanville
  • Many places on the banks of the river draw their names from it.
  • There will be no good be done By drawing their attention off to me. Cited from The Dynasts, by Thomas Hardy
  • The general interest of the party drew their attention forward. Cited from Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp, by Alice Emerson
  • The noise of the opening of the door drew their attention from the window. Cited from Arsene Lupin, by Edgar Jepson & Maurice Leblanc
  • Suddenly, one by one, the men draw their guns and open fire.
  • All the best writers, you know, draw their characters from their friends now-a-days. Cited from Melchior's Dream and Other Tales, by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  • They would pass through towns to draw their opponent away from their animals.
  • They are the sources from which the writers of these books drew their materials. Cited from Who Wrote the Bible?, by Washington Gladden
  • I don't want to kill any of them, but just to draw their fire. Cited from The Cornet of Horse, by G. A. Henty
  • Many of the still life paintings we see today draw their influence from her original ideas.
  • They drew their map and compared it with the country as it actually appeared. Cited from The Young Wireless Operator--As a Fire Patrol, by Lewis E. Theiss
  • Thus, what they've been through will draw their hearts close to each other.
  • She knew from what source his eyes drew their darkness. Cited from The Three Sisters, by May Sinclair
  • Even now the police are trying to draw their net around him. Cited from The Box with Broken Seals,byE. Phillips Oppenheim
  • Two of the knights fell dead before they had time to draw their weapons. Cited from A Knight of the White Cross, G.A. Henty
  • Drawing their swords they came out and met an army of several thousand men. Cited from Modern Persia, by Mooshie G. Daniel
  • From the subject before us, the errors now mentioned draw their chief support. Cited from Sermons on Various Important Subjects, by Andrew Lee
  • Men drew their breath sharply when he fell and did not rise again. Cited from The Phantom Herd, by B. M. Bower
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