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  • The line-up of the band was drastically changed from their previous album.
  • Their means were drastically different, but they held many of the same goals.
  • The album's writing, however, does not sound drastically different from their original songs.
  • Many things such as level design, characters, and plot elements were changed drastically.
  • The amount of surgery he has had has also drastically reduced his height.
  • However, towards the end of this run, sales on the title began to fall drastically.
  • Most of his original ideas made it into the script, but some changed drastically.
  • However, he was soon forced to change his plans drastically.
  • Thus each player has drastically different goals, but within the simulation, any one team can win.
  • The ritual has been changed only six times since, and never drastically.
  • This campaign drastically changed the political situation in the ancient Near East.
  • It is also unique for the fact that the race changes drastically from start to finish.
  • Because of his drastically changed appearance, the band could not recognise him for some time.
  • During this trip, events drastically changed the nature of his mission.
  • In the coming years he would drastically change his political philosophy on segregation.
  • They have declined drastically and few records are recent in several regions.
  • In some places their range has been drastically reduced.
  • Where the TV series ends, the second movie changes events drastically.
  • The working conditions of the labour force would change drastically for the worse over the course of the following ten years.
  • After he returned from the war he was drastically different, which caused a strain in the marriage.
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Meaning of drastically

  • adverb In a drastic manner