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  • Things are really beautiful in their lives when their life takes a drastic turn.
  • From this time period, the school took even more of a drastic turn.
  • However, some cases are so severe that more drastic treatment may be required.
  • I didn't see why any educated girl would take such a drastic step.
  • Even his close allies were not prepared to support such a drastic step.
  • A revolution is a drastic political or social change that usually occurs relatively quickly.
  • Throughout their history, the band has gone through several different lineups and three drastic image changes.
  • He originally intended to be a singer, but gave up due to a drastic gain in weight.
  • The idea for the episode was a drastic departure for the series to try something so different.
  • Things had come to a head and drastic action was needed.
  • Circumstances in the region, however, were leading to drastic changes in the US position.
  • Therefore the story went through drastic changes before reaching its final incarnation.
  • Throughout this era, the country encountered many changes, some being very drastic.
  • When brought to the surface, there is a drastic change in pressure.
  • Bree decides that only if he does something drastic he will be sent back.
  • This has happened as a result of increase in the standard of living and due to drastic increase in the city.
  • This causes a drastic reduction in player movement speed and loss of any special weapons.
  • For political reasons, drastic measures were initially not applied in these areas.
  • Nash decided that drastic measures would be necessary to bring the situation back under control.
  • This drastic policy clearly imposed some royal authority on Paris and its surrounding areas.
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