drape cut

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  • Introduced in the late 1920s, the athletic silhouette in suits "gradually and subtly refined into the drape cut".
  • The Bold Look was the continuation of the English drape cut with greater emphasis on the coordination of the suit with its accessories and shirt.
  • Caution needs to be exercised by modern tailors trained to create the drape cut style of modern lounge suits to minimise drape - particularly around the waist - when cutting a historically accurate frock coat.
  • By the early 1930s, the "drape cut" or "London Drape" suit championed by Frederick Scholte, tailor to the Prince of Wales, was taking the world of men's fashion by storm.
  • The horrified tailors of Savile Row dropped the overtly Edwardian touches, but the style of business suits continued to move away from the broad English drape cut, and single-breasted two-piece suits with narrower lines and less padding in the shoulders became fashionable everywhere.