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  • This set up a strong lead for the first downwind beat.
  • Continuing on the eastern approach would cause the pilot to attempt to land downwind.
  • H16s do not beat particularly well, nor do they sail directly downwind particularly well.
  • The nest opening is located to face downwind of the most frequent wind direction.
  • For the same boat, apparent wind speed close hauled is much higher than downwind.
  • Trackers will therefore usually be downwind from them as they approach the animals from behind.
  • Most of its roof was removed, with over half of its downwind wall pushed outward.
  • If a is positive the left side is called upwind side and right side is the downwind side.
  • Something lifted forward and fled downwind like a broken-winged red and white bird. Cited from A Sea Queen's Sailing, by Charles Whistler
  • The first downwind leg saw both boats foiling at around, at times well within of each other.
  • Localized areas of heavy snow can form in bands downwind of warm water bodies within an otherwise cold air mass.
  • Jibing is often necessary to change course when sailing off the wind or downwind.
  • Thus its velocity made good downwind will be equal to the velocity of the true wind.
  • The extra speed gained by zigzagging downwind can more than make up for the extra distance that must be covered.
  • Presently they draw a long breath an' go away again like smoke being blowed downwind. Cited from The Ivory Trail, by Talbot Mundy
  • It is always best to have the downwind windows open, while the upwind windows are closed.
  • Although only competitive in light conditions, he soon developed a special technique downwind that gave him fantastic results at a national level.
  • By then turning downwind, and diving through the wind gradient, they can also gain energy.
  • Once frozen, the resulting ice cover alleviates lake-effect snow downwind of the lake.
  • Unlike most modern racing boats, it does not use a spinnaker when sailing downwind.
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Meaning of downwind

  • adverb With the wind; in the direction the wind is blowing
    they flew downwind