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  • Its head is just starting to point downward, and is about a body width above the surface.
  • He later wrote that "they began, indeed, to look down upon me as one on the downward path".
  • The downward force on the object is simply its weight.
  • It also helps control the speed of movement during the downward phase.
  • The force of the vehicle's weight acts downward through the center of mass in the opposite direction.
  • Therefore there is a downward step to the train from the platform.
  • This can often create a downward spiral for people with conditions like depression.
  • The image appears divine and composed, with the eyes cast downward.
  • The downward-firing guns proved to be of little use, being almost impossible to aim.
  • The lines may be thought of as being directed downward from the parent in one level to its children in the level below.
  • It put food on the table during a period when the local economy was in a downward slide.
  • Another area of investigation is the downward extension of Big Five theory into childhood.
  • Bailing can also be caused by falling without one's board facing downward.
  • Downward the earth was dug, until I reached rock in the earth.
  • Another configuration places only one number on each face, and the rolled number is taken from the downward face.
  • She rests on her long spear, its point turned downward to the ground.
  • Ball also mounted another machine gun in the bottom of the cockpit to fire downward.
  • The final hit was when the coal industry took a downward turn and most of the local coal mines ceased operation.
  • The longest tunnel ran about two miles east and a little north of town on a downward slope.
  • Canadian manufacturing employment held steady despite an international downward trend in developed countries.
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