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  • Development moved downstream, though, when it was discovered that the power was better there.
  • Chinese IT companies have been moving away from narrow downstream services and products to having a full range.
  • Water is released back into the river during summer months for water abstraction and treatment further downstream.
  • This appears to have been derived from an older term meaning "downstream people."
  • A small marina has recently been built just downstream of the town.
  • Witnesses reported seeing a "wall of water" ten to thirty feet high moving downstream.
  • The area just downstream has a popular swimming hole and is popular for fishing as well.
  • One was not found until four days later after being swept 4 miles downstream.
  • A replica of the mill has been built a few hundred feet downstream from where it once stood.
  • They also destroyed the more modern bridge downstream.
  • His body was found downstream several days after the water receded.
  • Water drawn off is not necessarily entirely consumed and some portion may be returned for further use downstream.
  • An arch of white light is usually produced at base of Falls and continues downstream.
  • Turning back downstream, they returned to the point at which they had left the Arkansas originally.
  • Its impact upon much larger waterways downstream has negatively affected many small island developing states.
  • The road then follows the Murrumbidgee downstream at some distance to its east.
  • In both cases, the final depth of the water is determined by the downstream characteristics.
  • Having occurred, however, they set in place all the downstream properties of the progenies.
  • The railroad serves a few small industrial customers along the north/east (right downstream) bank of the river.
  • Unlike the western side, most of these were not washed downstream but ended lying near the base of the standing section.
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  • adjective In the direction of a stream's current