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  • It seemed that the downpour would never stop, that the night would never end. Cited from The Hungry Stones et. al., by Rabindranath Tagore
  • As long as we keep our poor vessels below that constant downpour they will be full. Cited from Expositions of Holy Scripture: Various, Maclaren
  • The very first day while he was trying it there suddenly came a downpour of rain. Cited from Toaster's Handbook, compiled by Peggy Edmund & Harold W. Williams
  • They get caught in a downpour and need a place to spend the night.
  • At the time, it appeared the downpour might cause the match to end in a draw.
  • The steady downpour again made itself prominent through the re-established silence. Cited from Arizona Nights, by Stewart Edward White
  • Dick & Co. had all they could do to keep dry in such a downpour. Cited from The High School Boys in Summer Camp, by H. Irving Hancock
  • After that, no matter how violent the downpour, they managed to take a turn in the open. Cited from Broken to the Plow, by Charles Caldwell Dobie
  • At the end of an hour the downpour had increased some hundred per cent. Cited from Zone Policeman 88, by Harry A. Franck
  • Who could have supposed that such a downpour as occurred that summer would have had the effect it had upon flowers? Cited from Nature Near London, by Richard Jefferies
  • At times the rain would cease, and then it would begin its downpour again. Cited from Frank and Andy Afloat, by Vance Barnum
  • These heavy downpours occur usually in the month of August and September.
  • His singing keeps the other animals happy and the farm free from downpours.
  • Nothing but a good downpour of rain will do them any good now, and the rain seems to be holding off. Cited from Overdue, by Harry Collingwood
  • They were unable to take the castle or burn the town due to a heavy downpour.
  • Most often in these areas heavy downpour occurs every afternoon while in the morning the sun shines.
  • On a return trip from the site, the party gets caught in the dark during a downpour.
  • It was a long-continued downpour, a complete surprise, and for many a year a happy tradition. Cited from A Backward Glance at Eighty, by Charles A. Murdock
  • The rain was beating against the windows, for they arrived just as the downpour began. Cited from The Outdoor Girls at Ocean View, by Laura Lee Hope
  • For the next moment the downpour came, and with it the wind. Cited from The Prairie Wife, by Arthur Stringer
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Meaning of downpour

  • noun A heavy rain