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  • Downes was the first member of the band to have completed a music degree.
  • John Downes is perhaps one of the village's most notable past residents.
  • It is not clear what views Downes held on other political issues.
  • Downes wrote his history of the Restoration stage between his retirement and death.
  • This song has been recorded by Paul Downes and many other notable folk artists.
  • Downes received four battle stars for her World War II service.
  • She was the second ship named for John Downes, a US Navy officer.
  • Downes spent the rest of his life a prisoner in the Tower of London.
  • Captain Downes then informed them that the expedition would leave the ship at midnight. Cited from Dewey and Other Naval Commanders, by Edward S. Ellis
  • His mother was a Catholic and Downes also adopted the Catholic faith.
  • Downes received four battle stars for World War II service.
  • In order to give the show more verisimillitude, Downes had the next host use his real name.
  • They were written by David Downes and feature him on the piano.
  • His father was a civil-servant whose library Downes became fascinated with from an early age.
  • Porter put his executive officer John Downes in command of that ship.
  • It was there he met long-time friend and musical collaborator Paul Downes.
  • Reynolds joined Downes as his private secretary for the trip and wrote a book about the experience.
  • The film was based on an original story by Downes.
  • Wolves won two and drew one of Downes' six matches in charge.
  • Occasional live work followed, but Downes left the band given other commitments.
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Root form of downes is down for the verb.

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Meaning of Downes

  • verb Bring down or defeat (an opponent)
  • verb Shoot at and force to come down
    the enemy landed several of our aircraft
  • verb Cause to come or go down
    The policeman downed the heavily armed suspect, The mugger knocked down the old lady after she refused to hand over her wallet