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  • Fire from across the main road stopped them and they dove to the ground.
  • This being done, they went out from him in the form of a white dove.
  • I just don't think that they knew what a dove was.
  • Do you have to buy the doves too, or do they just come? Cited from The Sunny Side, by A. A. Milne
  • She continued Dove's education by teaching him how to read from two books.
  • She continued Dove's education by teaching him how to read from two books.
  • He waited another seven days and sent out the dove, and it did not return.
  • The largest range of any species is that of the rock dove.
  • A good many doves came to drink at the water in the evening. Cited from Southern Arabia, by Theodore Bent and Mabel Bent
  • I told the Doves that we were leaving as I went out this afternoon. Cited from The Palace Beautiful, by L. T. Meade
  • Drive away the doves now or I will do it myself. Cited from The Black Cross, by Olive M. Briggs
  • The common ground dove lives in open areas that have trees and bushes.
  • He was very popular; we came to him like doves to a snake. Cited from Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2 (of 6), by Havelock Ellis
  • Doves went happily from tree to tree and I never put my gun up. Cited from Morocco, by S.L. Bensusan
  • He decided "where the dove laid its nest, let the people build their city".
  • The title comes from the album of the same name by Doves.
  • In the earliest Christian art, the dove represented the peace of the soul rather than civil peace.
  • Then the dove returns and the family again sees the light of the stars.
  • The hands reach towards one another and towards the central dove, which is the Holy Spirit.
  • The first game theory model of fighting is known as the hawk-dove game.
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Root form of dove is dive for the verb.

Synonyms of dove

Meaning of dove

  • noun Any of numerous small pigeons
  • noun Someone who prefers negotiations to armed conflict in the conduct of foreign relations
  • noun An emblem of peace
  • verb Drop steeply
    the stock market plunged
  • verb Plunge into water
    I was afraid to dive from the board into the pool
  • verb Swim under water
    the children enjoyed diving and looking for shells