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  • In certain of the so called double stars, he, no doubt, did find a movement. Cited from Great Astronomers, by R. S. Ball
  • Double round-robin, in which all teams play each other home-and-away games.
  • The teams will play within their group in a double round-robin format.
  • Changes in any of these factors would not usually double the size.
  • The second floor has three double rooms and seven single rooms.
  • The side walls are plain, with primarily two-over-two double-hung windows.
  • The ten teams play against each other in a double round-robin.
  • One pair moves a double toward one wall, the other toward the other wall.
  • If you want to sight and fire, you need to double that time to four seconds.
  • Each team will play another double round-robin schedule against every other team.
  • On the first stage, all teams play against each other in a double round-robin.
  • Each team will then play another double round-robin schedule against every other team.
  • The ten teams play a double round robin as a regular season.
  • Each group played against each other in a double round-robin format.
  • Teams were divided in two groups of four teams with a double round-robin competition.
  • The first stage of the season was played as a double round-robin tournament.
  • The first floor has one double room and one bathroom available to students.
  • After that, the top eight teams move on, and play another double round robin.
  • During early production of the album, the band had recorded enough material to fill a double album.
  • The four teams in each group will play against other in a double round-robin format.
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Meaning of double

  • noun A base hit on which the batter stops safely at second base
    he hit a double to deep centerfield
  • noun A stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts
    his first job in Hollywood was as a double for Clark Gable
  • noun Someone who closely resembles a famous person (especially an actor)
    he could be Gingrich's double, she's the very image of her mother
  • noun A quantity that is twice as great as another
    36 is the double of 18
  • verb Increase twofold
    The population doubled within 50 years
  • verb Hit a two-base hit
  • verb Do double duty; serve two purposes or have two functions
    She doubles as his wife and secretary
  • verb Bridge: make a demand for (a card or suit)
  • adjective Used of flowers having more than the usual number of petals in crowded or overlapping arrangements
    double chrysanthemums have many rows of petals and are usually spherical or hemispherical
  • adverb Downward and forward
    he was bent double with pain
  • adverb Two together
    some people sleep better double