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  • According to several sources, she has sold more than two million albums and singles domestically.
  • Domestically they also provide air transportation to several business groups - private and government, outside the oil business.
  • Domestically, they organized in the civil rights movement and in the labor movement.
  • Henry wanted to source the materials for his army and navy domestically.
  • There were no plans to release a single for the song domestically.
  • By scoring two goals, he managed to reach to the record of the most goals scored domestically.
  • Domestically and in the food industry, they are often used to keep food and drink either cold or hot.
  • These matches are normally limited over games played domestically at the national level by leading Test nations.
  • These training schools are held at various times in various locations domestically and internationally.
  • All major components of the finished products needed to be produced domestically.
  • The single would be made available domestically through the online music service iTunes for a short time.
  • The group continued to tour domestically and had gained a strong, loyal following.
  • Most of its military equipment and pieces were domestically produced.
  • While they were enjoying success domestically, they were not able to continue their success of the previous season.
  • It eventually received a gold certification, and has sold over one million copies domestically.
  • There was nothing else like them at the time, and consequently they had little influence on domestically-produced sex films.
  • Domestically, Sky holds the rights to broadcast all first and second division matches on a pay television basis.
  • Before the introduction of foreign technology, China conducted independent attempts to domestically develop high-speed rail technology.
  • Domestically, it was used for government transportation, sometimes as a police car.
  • It eventually received a gold certification, and has sold over half a million copies domestically.
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Meaning of domestically

  • adverb With respect to the internal affairs of a government
    domestically, the president proposes a more moderate economic policy
  • adverb With respect to home or family
    the housewife bored us with her domestically limited conversation