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  • It prefers to escape danger by diving rather than flying, although it can easily rise from the water.
  • In order to access the site directly, diving equipment and diving skills are necessary.
  • High school diving and swimming concludes their season with a state competition.
  • Cave diving has been perceived as one of the more deadly sports in the world.
  • During his diving career, he set numerous depth and cave penetration records.
  • During these shows the band played songs from Catch Without Arms before diving into the full album of the night.
  • The first diving dress designs appeared in the early 18th century.
  • These birds feed mainly by diving, but they will sometimes upend from the surface.
  • The largest and most active cave diving community in the United States is in north-central Florida.
  • Some programs will include the candidate assisting in actual diving programs with real diving students.
  • Until recently, nitrox diving was considered technical, but this is no longer the case.
  • Both lakes offer water sports facilities such as diving and wind surfing.
  • A challenge for any diving bird is the change in refraction between air and water.
  • It is surrounded by small islands, and is an ideal place for skin-diving.
  • Deep diving should only be done using a buddy system.
  • These scholarships are usually offered to divers with age-group or club diving experience.
  • There are also a number of other popular scuba diving entrance points popular among fresh water divers.
  • Diving depths up to have been recorded and birds can remain underwater a couple of minutes.
  • For this reason, technical diving often includes the use of breathing mixtures other than air.
  • Their primary technique for feeding is diving and some species diving as much as under water.
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Root form of diving is dive for the verb.

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Meaning of diving

  • noun An athletic competition that involves diving into water
  • noun A headlong plunge into water
  • verb Drop steeply
    the stock market plunged
  • verb Plunge into water
    I was afraid to dive from the board into the pool
  • verb Swim under water
    the children enjoyed diving and looking for shells