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  • Many musicians have made stage diving a part of their stage act.
  • During their flight displays the male will begin by diving toward the female.
  • These typically feature most band members headbanging, several members stage diving and even fighting.
  • However, her unconventional method of diving caused significant damage to her upper works.
  • While diving, they rarely stay in groups, but rather spread out to feed.
  • It is thought that women are better at spending all day deep-water diving because they resist cold better.
  • Four diving events were contested, two for men, and two for women.
  • The eyes were very large, probably for deep diving.
  • Deep diving can mean something else in the commercial diving field.
  • Diving sea-police types, however, may find that a unit badge is useful.
  • Diving provides a substantial amount of trade and income for the local economy.
  • Masters' diving programs are frequently offered by college or club programs.
  • They make a slow dive frequently, especially when in danger, diving to about or less.
  • Hot water suits are used in cold water commercial surface supplied diving.
  • These are different in design, materials, and construction from dry suits made for cold water diving.
  • Deep diving has more hazards and greater risk than basic open water diving.
  • They also actively avoid fresh water from mountain snowmelt, diving until they find enough salt.
  • Australia also has one of the world's last remaining fleets of pearl diving ships.
  • Oxygen first aid has been used as an emergency treatment for diving injuries for years.
  • Since diving under the ice takes place in cold climates, there is typically a large amount of equipment required.
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Root form of diving is dive for the verb.

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Synonyms of diving

Meaning of diving

  • noun An athletic competition that involves diving into water
  • noun A headlong plunge into water
  • verb Drop steeply
    the stock market plunged
  • verb Plunge into water
    I was afraid to dive from the board into the pool
  • verb Swim under water
    the children enjoyed diving and looking for shells