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  • The divergent waves do not cause much resistance against the ships forward motion.
  • Liberal education and professional education have often been seen as divergent.
  • Scott points out that the uses of three critical terms in both science and law are completely divergent.
  • Some studies that have focused on this relationship have led to divergent results.
  • Still, their divergent interests both led them into conflict with France.
  • He often has viewpoints that might be considered divergent from those of many other music critics.
  • The shared culture may be as divergent as Western culture or Chinese culture.
  • They have many personal tastes in common, but also divergent views on some issues.
  • Though completely divergent from previous designs, the new badge has been received well in the general public.
  • The talks made little progress because of the divergent positions of the two sides.
  • Divergent evolution has much to do with humans and with the way they function from day to day.
  • He appears in all but one of the following Divergent Universe stories.
  • The relationship between general knowledge and divergent thinking became non-significant when controlling for fluid intelligence.
  • The two bands became friends, and although musically very divergent, they shared many common political views.
  • Much of the coverage took up the question of how two brothers could have such divergent life histories.
  • Ultimately, the state of the source material is such to allow divergent opinions to exist.
  • It is often used when a development branch must be up to date with, and yet divergent from, its trunk.
  • The class in both as-built and rebuilt forms have been subject to a range of divergent opinions.
  • Usually, only two arms of any given three-armed graben become part of a divergent plate boundary.
  • However, various reliable sources provided notably divergent estimates of its strength over the years.
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Meaning of divergent

  • adjective Tending to move apart in different directions