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  • The disused station building is today part of a light industrial estate.
  • There is an older disused bridge to the north of the modern road.
  • At the west end of the central island is a disused signal box.
  • A disused signal box is located at the southern end of the station.
  • The disused station building was brought back into use and a new ticket office was opened.
  • However, the new road planned through the disused burial ground was never built.
  • This busy industrial site was once an important feature but is now disused.
  • A disused platform is located at the western end of the station, on the north side.
  • There are two tracks, one center island platform and two disused side platforms here.
  • The disused southern platform can clearly be seen on the right of the picture.
  • The academy originally operated from various disused military buildings and facilities.
  • The station building, long disused, is the only surviving original building on the line.
  • As with most other disused Underground stations, the platform itself has been removed.
  • The now disused main line connection of the former carriage works entered from the northern end of the building.
  • However the disused cabin still stands and can be seen from passing trains.
  • Large disused oil storage tanks can be seen on the left hand side.
  • It now only has two through platforms, the former bay platforms long disused.
  • Some of these are now disused and are being converted into nature reserves.
  • The disused platform is still visible opposite the platform that is currently in use.
  • The bodies of all the victims were then thrown down a disused well near the base.
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