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  • It would cost a white man his life to disturb any of them. Cited from Klondike Nuggets, by E. S. Ellis
  • You can't do anything more now, and your presence disturbs the woman! Cited from Robert Hardy's Seven Days, by Charles Monroe Sheldon
  • It showed the relationship between a young man and a dangerous, disturbed woman.
  • I saw he was trying to find his master, so I did not disturb him. Cited from Winter Adventures of Three Boys, by Egerton R. Young
  • Upon his return, nothing there had been disturbed and he felt somewhat at ease.
  • Little occurred to disturb it during this period and little is known regarding its history.
  • However, he became more and more disturbed as it became more and more radical.
  • You can take the second watch, and it is not likely they will disturb you before morning. Cited from Digging for Gold, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Peace was disturbed at the absence of all news from his family.
  • One thing disturbs me; they have cut down the large trees in front of my window. Cited from The Cross of Berny, by Emile de Girardin &c
  • The incident of his brother did not disturb his reign in any way.
  • Her family did not wish to disturb her remains and declined the offer.
  • It can apparently also use other disturbed areas including road shoulders and abandoned agricultural fields.
  • Families can therefore be assured that at no point will the remains be disturbed.
  • Thus they remain as long as they please, and no one disturbs them. Cited from Primitive Love and Love-Stories, by Henry Theophilus Finck
  • When disturbed, they usually escape by running and rarely take to flight.
  • In this manner a running animal's balance could very easily be disturbed.
  • This particular area of disturbed weather become part of the northeast portion of a low-pressure system.
  • These waves when dried without being disturbed will fall into beautiful deep waves.
  • After this nothing occurred during his lifetime to disturb the peace of his government.
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Meaning of disturb

  • verb Move deeply
    This book upset me, A troubling thought
  • verb Damage as if by shaking or jarring
    Don't disturb the patient's wounds by moving him too rapidly!