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  • This set up allows new cells to be added distally.
  • The ground color of the hindwings is brown, usually dark at least distally.
  • Under surface more yellow than upper; the red line of the hindwing distally edged with white.
  • They are usually gradually reduced distally, meaning they taper towards the apex.
  • All are rather short and are broad proximally and narrow distally.
  • Two or three distally facing peaks continue as orange colored strokes sometimes up to the outer edge.
  • Plants produce basal leaves early in the growing season that wither away before flowering, and many mid- and distally produced stem leaves.
  • The hindwings are pale brown, becoming pale golden yellow distally.
  • The white area of the forewing is more sharply defined, more straight distally, and anteriorly rather more extended.
  • The forewings are short and relatively narrow and the ground colour is beige towards the base and distally brown, with black brown areas throughout.
  • Both wing undersides are dark walnut-brown, dull, becoming somewhat olive distally, without a distinct brown border.
  • There is a triangular brown band, distally bordered by a thin white line followed by a darker line.
  • The yellow area of the forewing is more straight distally.
  • It is brown distally and slightly speckled with dark brown.
  • The horn is very long, straight, colourless at the base and green with black granules distally.
  • It has long, hairy siphunculi (at least one-third of body length) dark brown curved outwards distally.
  • Distally, this close contact remains in the area lateral to the epigastrics.
  • There is a reddish brown bar running from the middle of the costa which is more clearly defined distally than proximally.
  • This gene has a closely linked pseudogene that is distally located.
  • Dorsal fur is grey-brown toning down to light grey distally, while ventrum is grey.
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Meaning of distally

  • adverb Far from the center
    the bronchus is situated distally