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  • The hand is located at the distal end of each arm.
  • When you look right, your right eye view distal and left nasal.
  • Distal margin rather narrow, brown-black, base of both wings light green.
  • Then there is the Distal noted by an at the beginning of a word.
  • In the non-distal there are sometimes two equal forms for the allative case.
  • The distal hairs of the tail have three color bands, one black, one white and one red.
  • The base of the tail is dark while the distal half is scaly white.
  • This splits the ridge into a central part and two distal parts.
  • If there is any weight applied, it is often applied to the distal portion of the limb.
  • It is relatively common for humans to break their distal radius from a fall.
  • The distal is used to indicate something or something specific that is slightly farther away from the speaker.
  • Everything else is distal, and non-demonstrative if not mentioned earlier.
  • In the wild-type wing, all hairs point towards the distal tip.
  • By only lowering the distal end of the bill into the water it allows nostrils to remain above water.
  • Proximal muscles are always affected earlier and to a greater degree than distal.
  • Furthermore, this activity seems to occur independent of distal nuclear gene expression.
  • The legs are yellow, except for the stronger first pair, where all but the two distal segments are light brown.
  • Opposite the head of each toe lay a series of five distal carpals.
  • They may not always drain bile and sometimes can have blind distal ends.
  • Near the distal end there is generally a tibial spur, often two or more.
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Meaning of distal

  • adjective Situated farthest from point of attachment or origin, as of a limb or bone
  • adjective Directed away from the midline or mesial plane of the body