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  • Already dissatisfied with his job, he now has another reason to avoid work.
  • The voice is dissatisfied with how this scene is playing out and makes them start again.
  • Within two years she became dissatisfied with her job and left to raise her two children.
  • However, this still left some members of the open-source movement dissatisfied.
  • Over the next few months though, she continued to be dissatisfied with what she saw on television.
  • He included his own image but became dissatisfied with it and painted it out.
  • During this period, the upper management became dissatisfied with the firm's performance.
  • A ship owner that is dissatisfied with class can change to a different class relatively easily.
  • He later wrote that he was dissatisfied with the quality of teaching at the academy.
  • He worked there for four months before becoming dissatisfied with the profession and its low pay.
  • She began to feel dissatisfied with her success in her country and began considering an international music career.
  • Williams left the show, dissatisfied with having left on what he considered to be a low note.
  • Voice refers to any attempt to change, rather than escape from, the dissatisfying situation.
  • But it was not possible to do it and he was very dissatisfied.
  • Men from the same studies are reported as becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their physical appearance as they age.
  • They always embarrass those who give them, and dissatisfy those who receive them. Cited from Reflections and Moral Maxims, by Rochefoucauld
  • Dissatisfied with his effort, Chicago announced that he would not be re-signed for the next season.
  • Such a motion is proposed by a party who is dissatisfied with the end result of a case.
  • It was very dissatisfying for both of us that we couldn't do what we wanted.
  • People were still dissatisfied, and for several years thereafter the county seat question entered largely into every political campaign.
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Meaning of dissatisfy

  • verb Fail to satisfy