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  • However, over the next number of months the police force disrupted their plans.
  • Many high school sports teams' seasons and other typical school activities were disrupted.
  • Much of the work was done during the night to avoid disrupting classes.
  • His first season was disrupted by injury, but won his first races the following season.
  • In order to get the police to the place, he disrupts the meeting on purpose.
  • These allowed only a single lane across for some time - disrupting local traffic at peak times.
  • Trade was disrupted when Union soldiers broke the canal works in the area.
  • The boats saw much action in support of ground forces and disrupting Japanese supply lines.
  • As a team, we were playing great and you don't want to disrupt things like that.
  • Port cities were also attacked to try to disrupt trade and sea communications.
  • Not even the Japanese occupation could disrupt the development of the town since then.
  • They are usually not found in open fields, nor do they seem to be disrupted by humans.
  • Many marine fish have also been introduced into non-native waters, disrupting the local habitat.
  • However, it would have been done using the cut and cover method, disrupting the Square above.
  • They frequently disrupted the show and made no secret of the fact that they hated him.
  • This disrupted the center of town and most of the industrial base.
  • The fans of the two different teams do not sit next to each other because this disrupts the community.
  • The number of roads has disrupted the grass cover which has serious effects on plant and animal species.
  • This process is disrupted when writing becomes the primary means to record and remember the traditions.
  • Disrupting the performances of many shows, technical problems also arose throughout the tour.
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Meaning of disrupt

  • verb Throw into disorder
    This event disrupted the orderly process