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  • Neither does the purpose of all creation lie disproportionately within our particular community.
  • They have shown that women are disproportionately responsible for performing such care work.
  • He is small for his age, with a head which is quite disproportionately large. Cited from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Doyle
  • They are perceived by some to number disproportionately highly among the professional middle class.
  • This resulted in a disproportionately low number of rich men fighting in the war.
  • The more you do of something, disproportionately the better you get.
  • His feet are as disproportionately large as his hands and arms.
  • The lands close to the river are disproportionately higher than those farther back. Cited from Continental Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 6, June, 1864, by Various
  • If ranked by total area, a number of coastal cities would appear disproportionately larger.
  • Many of the problems shared by single parents are disproportionately felt by the lower class for these very reasons.
  • He also details his romantic relationship with a woman whose arms and legs are disproportionately small.
  • At the same time, the early slave population in America was disproportionately male.
  • In panel B, the new technology has a disproportionately larger effect in rich countries.
  • These countries usually receive a disproportionately small share of global wealth.
  • Flowers look disproportionately large compared with the size of the plant.
  • Each year they are disproportionately affected by the effects of climate change.
  • A disproportionately high number of young men from the Ceylon area never returned home.
  • The study was also criticized for using disproportionately black, lower-income families as subjects.
  • The mark is, you see, exactly the same in length as the others, but disproportionately broad. Cited from The Four Pools Mystery, by Jean Webster
  • On these occasions he gave disproportionately to his mode of life. Cited from The World For Sale, by G. Parker, v1
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Meaning of disproportionately

  • adverb Out of proportion
    this wall is disproportionately long
  • adverb To a disproportionate degree
    his benefits were disproportionately generous