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  • Info Disposable is an adjective meaning the ability of something to be disposed of or thrown away after use. more...
  • So the population with high disposable income is quite low in the state.
  • The people in the fight club are men with disposable income trying to find meaning in their lives.
  • This edition introduced the idea of easily created and disposable characters.
  • If women are these illiterate people, that makes them even more disposable to their economy.
  • Usually, the day-fine is one half of daily disposable income.
  • For train travel one can also buy a disposable one-time chip card.
  • Military forces typically consider small arms cartridge cases to be disposable, one-time-use devices.
  • The added wealth meant an increased disposable income and an increase in vice crime.
  • The minute those elements break down, he can get more disposable materials together and produce another improvisational master piece.
  • That said, he did not simply treat these reserve units as disposable.
  • They will no longer be using disposables in the dining facilities, among other earth saving projects.
  • In more recent years they are served in thick white disposable cups.
  • Generally, the first line inside a disposable cup is used as a marker.
  • As a result, people in remote areas with little disposable income can have equal access to news and information.
  • Children, people living on student wages, and people living on retirement generally have much less disposable income.
  • Plastic body syringes have become more popular in recent years because they are disposable.
  • Disposable paper tissue would only make its appearance several centuries later, cloth and water are likely to have been required.
  • This drop is placed on a disposable test strip with which the machine has been prepared.
  • The investment in real estate for a family is reduced leading to greater disposable income for quality of life.
  • He stated that in a throwaway culture, even human lives are seen as disposable.
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Meaning of disposable

  • noun An item that can be disposed of after it has been used
  • adjective Free or available for use or disposition
    every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire, disposable assets
  • adjective Designed to be disposed of after use
    disposable paper cups